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ACT! emarketing


is a fully integrated marketing system, accessed and managed from inside ACT!, that will allow you to create and deliver targeted sales messages, alerts, newsletters and other value information to your own ACT Contact groups.  No more compiling disconnected Excel name lists.  Leverage your ACT Contact records directly whenever you want to communicate with them.

And even better:  All prospect response information – email opens, clicks, bounces, etc., are automatically recorded right back to ACT!. Forget hard to use, disconnected response reports.

Imagine sending out a special offer e-campaign on Monday morning and on Tuesday morning having a list in ACT! of every Contact who opened the email and which links they clicked.  What would it do to your sales results to provide a list like that to your sales team every week of the year?

Additional benefits of ACT emarketing include:

•  Integrated surveys will allow you to create and edit surveys that match your marketing materials, include custom HTML backgrounds and your choice of fonts and colors. Survey results can also be written back to update your ACT! records

•  Stay compliant with the CAN-SPAM law, automatic suppress email addresses that have opted-out (account wide).

•  Create your emarketing templates with the provided tools or import existing HTML templates.

•  Use Mail Merge fields to personalize, share your templates with other users in the account.