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Zoho Assist

provides a simple and straight forward user interface to connect to remote computers anywhere on the globe, as long as they are hooked to the internet, even through firewalls and proxies. Once your customer approves access, control the remote computer as if it were in front of you, provide fast support and impress, without leaving your seat. Moreover, withonline remote support you save time and all that money involved in travel. 

Top Features that make Zoho Assist the best choice for remote support:

Easy Connection Options

  • Make remote connections in moments with any of the three easiest connection options and get going with your remote support.

Industry Standard Security

  •  All sessions are activated only upon client    approval 67 and all data transmissions take    place through SSL/128-bit AES encryption.

Firewall/Proxy Transparency

  • No need to know any IP address or configure firewalls,    proxies or NAT to make remote connections possible.        

Web Browser Access

  • Manage remote sessions entirely from your respective web browsers and keep your average PC using customers at ease.

Built-in File Transfer

  • Share and exchange files of any type, install updates and patches, get remote PC logs, send instructive documents.

Remote PC Diagnostics

  • Get comprehensive technical information about the remote PC instantly with the integrated Remote PC Diagnostics functionality. 

Key benefits over conventional remote administration software:

  • Easy connectivity - connect with your clients in moments with easy connection options using a session-id.
  • Internet protection friendly - works with firewalls, proxies and NAT. No need to know any IP address to enable connection.
  • Secure sessions - activated only upon client approval with SSL/AES encrypted transmissions.
  • Browser-based option - you and your customers can manage a remote session entirely from your respective web browsers.
  • Common interface - to fit every sector, no confusing separate packages or pricing schemes.
  • Most cost effective - unquestionably so with a completely free one-to-one version and $12/month for additional technicians. 

Who are using Zoho Assist? 

  • IT industry personnel - help desk/support, consultants, managers.
  • Customer support team - of any concern whose clients and employees utilize computer applications.
  • Teachers, trainers and employers - in various professions for online remote training sessions.
  • Everyday computer users - in providing remote assistance to a friend or relative with their computer issues.