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Remote Support

Our Remote Support is a real-time problem solving service which significantly speeds up the process of troubleshooting and isolating issues. This reduces downtime and the related costs of not having access to your all important customer data. 

Click here to Download Remote control session (Teamviewer V10 QuickSupport)

Click here to Download Remote control session (Teamviewer V10 full)

Join DDM Presentation

Note: if you are running a later version of Teamviewer, you need to stop it running as a service to allow Teamviewer V10 Quicksupport to work. In the bottom right hand corner of your task bar (near the date and clock) there will be an upwards pointing triangle, click on this, find the teamviewer icon, right click on it and click exit teamviewer. You can then run Teamviewer V10 QuickSupport